For families

The family room is located in Luentosali A06 in the 1st floor. There families with children can take a breather and there’s also drawing materials and other small distractions for the young’uns.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of English language program for children but the Masquerade on Satuday is open to all ages!

5PM-6PM (17.00-18.00)
Once again, Finncon has a masquerade! Our sponsor for this year’s competition is Naamiojä

Enter alone or as a group! Dress up as your favocite science fiction, fantasy or horror character!

To take part, please send your name, contact information (e-mail address and phone number) as well as the name of the charater/the origin (book/tv-show/game/movie etc.) of the character to

The masquerade is organised on Saturday and the prizes are given out in the evening party.
Prizes for under 18-year old attendees are delivered separately.

And you can naturally come to Finncon in costume even if you don’t take part in the masquerade!