Fantasy Flea Market VIII

Finncon is organizing an amazing fantasy and science fiction flea market for our guests. We are offering wonderful books, direct from fans to fans!

Clean your shelves, earn some money for essentials, and most importantly, put some great literature to circulation. We would like to get fantasy, scifi, horror and other type of speculative fiction. Even small batches will be happily received. You can bring comics, DVDs (no VHS though). You can mix in some mainstream literature and nonfiction, as longs as the main focus is clearly in speculative fiction.

You can prize the books yourself. The stall is operated by Finncon, so the seller’s don’t have to spend time behind the desk. Finncon charges the formal 15 cents + 10 % for every sold item, which is used to cover the costs.

Book series you can sell in a one bundle, but please mark the price of each individual book in the bundle to all books. Bundles must be tied together with some type of twine or paper tape.

Fantasy Flea Market is open like the usual vendor’s tables at friday 1.7. 14-18, sat 2.7 10-18 ja sun 3.7.  11-16.30.

How to offer books for sale

  1. Sign up as a seller to Hanna at From her you get your seller number. Take the number even if you aren’t sure if you’ll bring anything. We should have enough numbers. Signing up ends at 27.6. So be quick!
  2. Mark your seller number with pencil and clear hand-writing in your every book, at the first page in the right top corner and remember to circle it. Also add there the price you want from that book. Price you can decide yourself, but use even euros, unless the book costs less than 4, so you can use half euros. For example 2,50 is a good number, but 12,90 isn’t. Notice that if the book doesn’t have the seller number AND price, we can’t sell it.


  1. You can deliver the books to flea market in following ways:
  • Bringing them directly to the convention. You can bring them any time the seller descs are open (friday 1.7. klo 14-18, sat 2.7 klo 10-18 ja sun 3.7. klo 11-16.30). Remember to reserve the seller number beforehand though!
  • Notice that this year’s organizer doesn’t have a car, so she can’t bring your books. Actually, if you can take one person and/or her own + Finncon’s books from Helsinki, it would be extremely helpful. Even one bag would help!

Unsold books can be taken away at any time, but before 16.30 on Sunday. Organizers would be happy, if you could come to help at the end of the con by clearing the tables. We must be out of the building before six, so we will be working quickly. You can donate the unsold books to the Finncon if you wish to do so, they will be put up for sale at the next con.

If you just leave your unsold books without telling Hanna about donating them, she is very unforgiving and carries grudge, and she assures you that you will be the last in line when the money is being distributed.

In the previous flea markets 65 – 80 % of the books brought have been sold, so taking them back home will be way easier than bringing them.

Signing up for Fantasy Flea Market ends at 27.6.2016. So be quick! You can try to sign up later, but we cannot guarantee that there will be any space left. Also if you sign up after the deadline, there will be extra 10 % taken off for the Finncon.