Recordings from program numbers!

If you happened to miss some of the program this year – do not worry! We recorded many of the program numbers and will publish videos of them on the Finncon 2016 Youtube channel.

You can find first six recordings there right now and we will release more as we finish editing them and get permissions from program participants.


Conreports and reading lists

Finncon 2016 ohjelmalehden kansi Kuva: Taina Koskinen

Finncon 2016 ohjelmalehden kansi
Kuva: Taina Koskinen

Now that it has been almost a week since Finncon ended, many of us might feel a longing after the event. Fear not! With conreports you can relive this year’s awesome event from a different point of view!

We have gathered a list of conreport on our site. Below you will find a few links to get started but the rest of the reports and links to Finncon 2016 photo galleries can be found What is Finncon? section of the site on Conreports page.

If you happen to know any reports that we have missed, please send us a link via email to

Tanya Tynjälä / Amazing Stories (English / Spanish)
Finncon 2016 Conreport (Bilingual Post)

Karl-Johan Norén (English)
A Swedish take on Finncon 2016

Cheryl Morgan (englanniksi)
Trans panel reading list
Sex ‘n’ Drugs ‘n’ Puss in Boots” panel reading list

Filks for Finncon guests

We are still in the process of gathering a comprehensive list of con reports for this year’s event but in the mean time you can keep your Finncon memories alive by going over the filks written for this year’s guests!

You can now find all the filks here:


Finncon 2016 is over!

Finncon 2016 shirt picture by Taina "Myrntai" Koskinen

Finncon 2016 shirt picture
by Taina “Myrntai” Koskinen

This year’s Finncon has now ended, so it is the time to thank all attendees and wish you a happily ever after!

Finncon had around 4000 visitors this weekend.  So extra special thanks to all our program volunteers, gophers, safety, vendors, other exhibitors  and partners who made this event possible!

We hope each and everyone of you enjoyed the event and hope you are willing to share your photographs and con-reports with us at

Evening party has started!

The evening party has started in Telakka! Come and meet new people, see old friends, relax!

Evening part will have following program:
20.20 Tampereen Mafia
20.40 Jyväskylän Mafia
21.00 Helsingin Mafia
21.20 Espoon Mafia
21.40 Nörttikulttuurivisa goes Finncon – Osa 1.
22.00 Naamiaisten palkintojenjako
22.30 Nörttikulttuurivisa goes Finncon – Osa 2.

There will be prizes given in the Nerd culture pub quiz but it will be most likely in Finnish. Sorry about that!