Program and schedule update

Unfortunately Beyond Once Upon A Time that was scheduled for Saturday morning from 11AM to 12PM has been cancelled due to sickness. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Also unlike printed on the program book, the Art Corner will be open on Saturday from 11 AM to 6PM!

Art in Finncon!

Lastekirjataiteen aarteita Finncon 2016

Lastekirjataiteen aarteita
Finncon 2016

Finncon 2016 has a couple of art shows. Keeping up with this year’s theme the subjects for the exhibitions are children’s book and fairy tale illustrations. Be sure to check them out!

You can find more info about the art shows here:

Evening party timetable and list of Friends of Finncon

We have now added the  timetable and list of program for the Finncon evening party! You can check it out here:

You can now also find a list of this year’s Friends of Finncon at the website. Huge thanks to everyone for their support! You can find the list here:

Ikuri Arcade in Finncon

We wanted to especially inform everyone that local Ikuri Arcade will be at Finncon as an exhibitor. This is because they will bringing with them a pinball machine Laser Cue Demolition Man that will be free to play for every visitor! So be sure to drop by between program items to play!

Update 28.6.2016
Original information had a different pinball machine but instead of that Ikuri Arcade will be bringing Demolition Man which is based on the 1993 scifi-action film with the same name.

More information and a printable program schedule

Kuva: Maya Hahto

Picture: Maya Hahto

We have now updated the Maps section of the website with the University map so you’ll have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the location beforehand.

Finncon illustrators page has also been updated with information about Maya Hahto, who is responsible for the great illustrations in the program book.

And because of popular demand we added a pdf-version of the schedule suitable for printing to the Program schedule page. You can also find it here: