Here is just a little teaser of a couple of items from our English language Finncon program. In addition to these, there will be a number of program items both in English and Swedish including presentations, panels and music.

For those interested, we have also published a couple of Finnish language program teasers:  http://2016.finncon.org/ohjelma/ennakkomaistiaisia/

Beyond Once Upon a Time
Nina Niskanen
From princesses to evil fairies to a whole host of the well-known fairy tale characters, we’ve seen them all on the big screen and the smaller one. Sometimes without entirely realizing that’s what we’re seeing. As we watch, the stories are changing to suit the audience and the culture, in ways that the Brothers Grimm could hardly foresee. Nina Niskanen will take you on a tour of fairy tales adapted to TV and movies over the years, focusing on the last 30 years in an effort to discover changing trends. Trigger Warning: the talk will discuss sexual assault.

What to Watch: 2016 Edition
Elisa Wiik & Mikko Seppänen
Our self-appointed experts are back again to give you The Truth (aka their opinions) on new science fiction and fantasy series from the 2015–2016 television season. So come hear our point of view and debate if series like The Expanse, Lucifer, The Magicians or Ash vs The Evil Dead are worth watching!

Worldcon 75 – Helsinki 2017
Worldcon 75 – what is a Worldcon anyway? Why should I go there? What makes it so special? Who else will be there? How can I be a part of it, either as a participant or an organizer or both! Worldcon 75 will be held in Helsinki in August 2017. Come and find out what it’s all about!