Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy in accordance with Section 10 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki, 523/99) for the database of program volunteers for Finncon 2016. Dated: 26 January 2016.

1. Registry controller
Registry controller is Finncon-yhdistys ry (yhdrek. nro. 20702560).

2. Registry controller’s contact
Registry controller’s contact person is Mikko Seppänen (email

3. Name of the registry
This registry is for the database of program volunteers for Fincon 2016. The data collection is done using Google Forms.

4. Purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of processing personal data is coordination of program at Finncon 2016.

5. Data stored in the register
The following information is stored in the register as mandatory (mandatory information is a requirement for signing up for the event):

  • name
  • email
  • item suggestions
  • language(Finnish, English, Swedish)
  • Approval of using Google Forms (tick “I approve”) and knowledge that the personal information can be processed outisde of the EU.

Additional data stored (optional information, not required for signing up for the event):

  • phone number
  • program requirements and wishes
  • other feedback

The registry can be used to store the following information about communication between the program volunteer and the event:

  • program items offered and confirmed by the volunteer (stored permanently)

Personnel numbers or payment card numbers are not stored in the registry.

6. Sources of data
The data in the registry is from Google Forms form used for volunteering program for the event. The participants sign themselves up for the event using the form.

7. Disclosure of data
The controller and persons authorized by the controller can use the contents of the register in the manner they find most suitable for managing and informing the program volunteers. The following information can be made public:

  • Topic and description of program.
  • The name or nick of the program participant (as requested by the participant)

A part of the register data can be turned over to the Finnish Police for purposes defined in the Public Order Act. Register data is otherwise not turned over to third parties without the user’s explicit permission.

8. Information handled outside of the EU or EEA
The information is only handed over to  Google Forms.

The data can be stored and handled outside of the EU as determined by the service provider (Google). By filling in the Google Form, the volunteers consent on the service provider handling the data.

9. Protection of the register
The register is in electronic form with access only by the service provider’s (Google) main users or users authorized by the service provider and Finncon 2016 Google Forms main user and users authorized by him.

10. Right of inspection and correcting the information
In accordance with Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, registered persons have the right to inspect their data stored in the register and request corrections to the information. The inspection request must be supplied in by email to